Business Coaching

Bert van der Vossen

I am a Registered Coach (St!R), Team Coach, Certified DiSC Trainer and Master of Laws.

I have relevant experience as a Business Coach, many years of (international) management

experience and have been a Director on the Board of Directors of a large financial institution for more than 10 years.

The above, in combination with my energetic and results-driven approach, guarantees practical and very professional business coaching.

In my approach to business coaching the business goal that must be achieved, as well as your personal performance to achieve that goal, are leading in the coaching process.

My added value is that you can discuss, completely confidential, challenges and problems with an independent person outside your company.

I ask critical questions, give feedback, share my experiences with you and use proven coaching techniques to provide you with more information about your personal behaviour and performance.

Improving the team performance and team results are always the main goals in team coaching.

A solid analysis of the functioning of the team (responsibility, engagement, conflict management and trust) is a very important starting point.

To achieve challenging goals, the team must truly function as a team, and that is the essence of my approach to team coaching.

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